Monday, April 6, 2015

Doodle Evolution

While I was drawing with my daughter last week, at one point she got frustrated with the imperfectness of her drawing. (As all of us are prone to do!) 
"Grr... it's crooked!" she growled. I assured her that it was ok and that I actually like it when drawings are not perfect. Which she, of course, did not believe for a minute. To demonstrate my acceptance of imperfect art, I grabbed a scratch paper and drew a totally unbalanced flower. 
"See!" I said, "Isn't it cute!"
Throughout our art session, I kept grabbing that wonky flower and adding doodles to and around the flower. By the end of the evening, I really liked it. 
The flower stayed on my desk and got shuffled around for the next few days. 

I bought a set of turquoise markers on sale. YAY!! When I brought home the new pens, I needed a guinea pig paper to test them out on. I decided to make another wonky flower  and color it in with my new pens.

Then I sort of went overboard with wonky flower mania! I drew a little garden of them with a pale purple background.

And still more, this time with a black background.

A perfect new obsession for spring.